The other shoe drops

Escaping Camorr

The heroes escaped Cathfire and were applauded for their efforts. The city’s head of security, Captain Claudius Blackspear, invited them to his offices to award them in the name of the Duke. Instead, the Captain and a unit of his best men tried to arrest the murderers of the Duke of Waypoint. They defended themselves and incapacitated the guards as well as the Captain. When he came to, Sir Roland explained that they were framed for the killing by Corbon Brenton and trying to escape the accusation to prove their innocence before the King. His words struck a cord, and he took them at their word, helping them escape through a hidden stairway to their horses.

They escaped to the airship Possibilities but found Captain Rorik and his brother, Travin dead on deck along with about a half dozen of the Captain’s new crew, but no sign of Isina or Galia. From the shadows leaked more than a dozen fetchling warriors. Some were unarmed monks, others wielding long, curved blades and wore silver samurai style armor. At the helm stood a small fetchling woman that made Zorynth stop in his tracks. She was bald her dusty grey skin smooth in the late day sun.

“Zorynth,” she crooned, a smile on her lips, “Time to come home.”

Her name was Sharola, and she was a summoner in the employ of a darkman wizard by the name of Hadrahune. He was a lord of Narthul and Zorynth’s company that trained him was sent to kill him. They failed and Zorynth was the only one able to escape to Theros. Apparently the wizard sent the summoner to find him and bring him back, but for nothing pleasant.

They bantered back and forth, but she had soemthing in mind, “Give me Hanzo’s (Zorynth’s mentor) key and I’ll forget I found you.”

Zorynth had no idea what she was talking about and battle was joined. Sharola flipped a coin enchanted with a light spell. As the coin turned in the air, her shadow was cast out behind her until it was huge and four armed creature, her eidolon. The shadow then moved away from the wall, creating a massive creature that roared and attacked. The battle was fierce and the heroes barely survived until Sharola was forced to flee.

The heroes got to their feet and got the Possibilities moving with Mendel at the helm. As the ship lumbered upward, another vessel appeared as if from under an invisible blanket. It was a Narthul Shadowskiff, an airship from Zorynth’s homeland. The two ships did battle over Camorr, circling and firing when they could. The Possibilities had two ballista that could swivel and fire at most angles, but the Shadowskiff was faster and fired a forward facing blast of pure destructive shadow. In the end, they damaged the Sharola’s Shadowskiff until it was forced to break off pursuit and hide once again under its veiling magic.

They found Isina and Galia hiding below deck. Galia admitted that the darkmen did search the depths of the ship where they hid, but Isina began muttering under her breath and for some reason, the fetchlings could not see them. Mendel figured it was an invisibility sphere spell. After conferring with Raj, who also knew a great deal of Spellcraft, they decided that her condition sounds like a Sorcerer’s bloodline boiling to the surface and a powerful one from the sound of it.



Muddman Muddman

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